The Role of Private Education in the UK

May 16th, 2008  |  Published in Thinking  |  2 Comments

York ‘Thinking and Drinking’, 15 May 2008 – Tim Hastie-Smith

Some suggestions —

“Shouldn’t primary school education be the priority, not secondary?”

“We need better resources in schools – books, computers, etc”

“Offer students who are clearly not academically-inclined more vocational learning and job opportunities earlier on. Also persuade more companies to offer more apprenticeships”

“It is wrong that the Government are trying to get 50% of all into university education – many are clearly not suited to it, and furthermore, it devalues the quality of uni education for those that do deserve to be there”

“Throughout all schools there should be setting based on ability, so the most able can be challenged and the least able better helped”

“Is raising the education leaving age to 18 a good idea?”

“National Service for teenagers who don’t go to university or do A-Levels?”

“Money isn’t enough – if there are problems at home grades will not be enough to help students achieve. Solution – maybe all students need one meeting per term with a tutor to check on their well-being?”

“Good schools = good leadership. It’s about finding the individuals to turn failing schools around: we need more good teachers”

- Tom Harding, Thinking and Drinking Coordinator


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