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The New Generation Society is a non-partisan group of young people and students dedicated to developing new thinking on the challenges and opportunities for our generation.

We host speaker events, regular discussion groups and socials in our branches, and publish our journal online. The Society is not attached to any political party, so is open to people of all political colours, and of none. As a result, you can always rely on our discussions being lively and interesting.

The idea behind all our activities is that we combine the creativity of young people with the wisdom of more experienced generations to generate effective, and relevant new thinking for our future. Recent speakers have included Sir Crispin Tickell, Iain Duncan Smith, Anthony Seldon and Nick Clegg.

From time to time we also manage the odd field trip, most recently to Leeds Prison.

In 2007 we were founded at the University of York, and have since become the largest political group on campus. We have also established NGS London for students and young people in the capital.

Thinking & Drinking

Thinking & Drinking is the Society’s flagship weekly event. It is an opportunity share ideas, meet people and get involved in a relaxed and informal setting.

One of our members (or occasionally an invited speaker) will briefly present their idea – a piece of ‘new thinking’ for the challenges and opportunities of our generation’ – to the group. After a few questions, the group then breaks up for discussion in smaller numbers.

New thinking to have come from these sessions has recently included a 100% inheritance tax, and entirely regulation-free media, a national service.