Kennedy Lecture

Lord Puttam

Lord Puttnam

The 2009 Kennedy Lecturer was Lord Puttnam of Queensgate. David Puttnam made his name in the film industry, producing films such as The Mission, Chariots of Fire, The Killing Fields and Bugsy Malone. After a spirited attempt to reform the ways of Hollywood as Chairman and Chief Executive of Columbia Pictures he was made a life peer in 1997. He has also served as President of the UK branch of UNICEF.

Since joining the House of Lords, Lord Puttnam has vociferously campaigned for a re-energising of Parliament. In 2004 he chaired the Hansard Society Commission on the Communication of Parliamentary Democracy. He has also taken a leading role on committees scrutinising recent Communications and Climate Change Bills.

In the 2009 Kennedy Lecture Lord Puttnam spoke of the need for new thinking on education. He examined how we must reform UK politics to make our system relevant and effective for the Twenty-First Century.

The Kennedy Lecture is the annual keynote lecture of the New Generation Society. The lecture is named in honour of President John F. Kennedy, and brings together the whole Society to consider the broad challenges and opportunities of our generation.

The inaugural Kennedy Lecture was delivered in 2008 by Sir Crispin Tickell, who spoke on the threat of climate change to the human future. The lecture can be viewed on our youtube channel . An interview with Sir Crispin about the issues touched on in his speech is available here

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