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Welcome from the Chairman
‘Politics’ does not exclusively refer to party politics. Many of us are interested in ‘politics’ in some sense; be it tuition fees, gay rights, gender equality, electoral reform, international development, or something else entirely. However, very few of us are members of a political party – which in my opinion is a good thing.  I certainly didn’t possess a set of unchanging, fully formed opinions on everything under the sun that neatly corresponded to a particular party at 18. I still don’t, and find it very unlikely that I’ll have struck on one even when I reach my 40s.

That is what’s great the NGS. Nobody expects you to toe a party line (unless you want to), to always argue the same corner, or even to have an opinion at all. The basic premise of the society is to develop new thinking, which means exchanging ideas in friendly discussion. Sure, things can get a little heated at times, but it’s a chance to really test your ideas, and not about point scoring. So if you’re passionate about politics and would like the change to get on your soapbox, come along. If you’re a bit interested in some aspects of politics and would just like to hear some lively opinions, come along, you’re equally welcome. If you don’t know what to think about any of it, the NGS is a good place to start. You don’t have to be a Politics or a History student; our diverse range of members (from physicists to musicians and everything in between) really lends different perspectives to debate.

If you just want some free cake, pop along to PMQs, you’re welcome too.

I hope to see you at the Freshers’ Social and look forward to meeting you soon!

Trish Scurfield
Chairman, NGS York

About NGS York

NGS York has hosted many big names over the past three years of its existence, and we have a vibrant social atmosphere.

Our weekly Thinking & Drinking session is held in P/L/005 at 7.45pm on Tuesday’s in term time. They’re a great opportunity to come along, meet some interesting people and get involved with the Society.

We have recently launched our NOW project, in partnership with YUSU Volunteering. The project involves working with local sixth-formers as part of their citizenship curriculum.
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The NGS York Committee are:

Trish Scurfield



Trish is Chair of the NGS York. She is responsible for the running of the society in York and representing the NGS on Campus. Outside the NGS and a love hate relationship with her Philosophy and Politics degree, she listens to (possibly too much) Radio 4, attempts to control a travel addiction, gets over-enthusiastic about vegetarian food, and tries hard to avoid people she knows whilst out running.

Clara Davies

Vice Chair


Clara is Vice-Chair of the NGS York. She is responsible for supporting the chair and the rest of the committee in their various duties and arranging Freshers’ Fair. She is currently in the second year of a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree spending the rest of her time talking with friends about politics, philosophy and occasionally economics (preferably in a pub), watching comedy, telling herself she’ll go swimming today and indulging her weakness for the West Wing.

Cham Aniedu


Pete Welby

Thinking & Drinking Coordinator

Jen Bates

Press, Publicity and Media


Jen is in charge of all things publicity for the NGS, which mostly involves buying an awful lot of blue-tack! She is one of the few historians of the Society and loves a good look at some of the historical perspectives on politics today. Aside from the library, her time is spent most happily on the occasional run, listening to a good amount of Ella Fitzgerald and a pint of Hobgoblin or mug of tea in hand.

Sarah Cox

Social Secretary

Stephen Watson

Events Coordinator

Sarah Hembrough

Ordinary Member (NGS NOW)

Lawrence Binitie

Ordinary Member