Welcome York Freshers 2009

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Welcom FreshersFor those of you who have just got into the University of York, congratulations! Here is a bit about the New Generation Society, the largest political society on campus. We hope you get involved.

The New Generation Society (the NGS) are a non partisan group seeking to provide a forum for the debate of major issues that will affect the next generation. We believe that it is the responsibility of our generation, those who are students or young adults today, to stand up and face the problems of tomorrow. We want to reconnect our generation with politics, and encourage new ideas on the issues that we will shortly be responsible for tackling.

The exciting thing about the NGS is that you do not need to have made up your mind about any opinions or issues. We want to encourage stimulating discussion and fresh debate about what really matters to our society and the world. This means interacting with new points of view and engaging with perspectives that are diverse and original. Ultimately our aim is to achieve new thinking that will help to equip us against the trials of decades to come.

The NGS was founded at York University at the start of 2007 and since then has grown to be the largest political society on campus. The launch of our London and Reading branches was held at the start of October 2008 as the society begins to expand even further.

Speaker Events

We currently function by holding a mixture of speaker events on campus, and in the past have hosted talks by Iain Duncan-Smith, Tony Blair’s diarist Anthony Seldon, and the “Flying Baroness” Caroline Cox. In 2008, York hosted the NGS Kennedy Lecture which was delivered by Sir Crispin Tickell, famous for coining the phrase “climate change”, and entitled “Challenges to the Human Future: Prospects and Hazards”. Earlier this year the Kennedy Lecturer was Lord Puttnam, director of many famous films such as ‘Chariots of Fire’. He spoke about the need for action on many global issues.

Thinking and Drinking

We also host weekly informal discussion groups in Vanbrugh SCR, known as “Thinking and Drinking”, where we make it our mission to have solution based conversation about the hot topics of the day. Also a great social, thinking required less and less as the evening progresses.

The NGS Journal

We publish an online Journal with a range of articles, covering diverse topics from the arts, through to women’s place in politics. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their writing and ideas. In the past, contributors have ranged from NGS members, local MPs, leading academics and figures from the scientific and theological communities.

The NOW Programme

This is our newest project to date and forges links with local schools and colleges. The mission is to engage young people and their opinions and give them the opportunity to be involved with what we do. We invite local teenagers to attend some of our events and then encourage them to share their thoughts and views in small groups.


The NGS has just launched a podcast. Among the first features include interviews with Shami Chakrabarti and Nick Clegg. Listen in online! We are very keen to engage the minds and opinions of those with a passion and commitment to their future.

So please, come along to a session of “Thinking and Drinking”, look out for posters advertising our high profile speakers, visit this website regularly, and join our Facebook group. If you like what you see, Committee elections are normally held at the start of November and we would love to see some new faces getting involved.

Death of Senator Edward Kennedy

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James Townsend, President of the New Generation Society, today released the following statement:

“With the sad death of Senator Edward Kennedy, we must renew our commitment to the values and principles he fought to promote throughout his life.

“In 1961, President Kennedy explained that the torch had been passed to a new generation of Americans. For forty-seven years Senator Kennedy kept that torch alight for his own generation.

“Today, a new generation – our own generation – is charged with facing the fresh challenges and opportunities of this century. If we are to succeed, we must look to the example of bravery, determination and heroism that Kennedy and his brothers gave when they faced the challenges of their time.

“As we remember and give thanks for Senator Kennedy’s life and work, we must also pledge to keep the torch alight for future generations.”

‘The Importance of Music in Education’ – Katharine Kent

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Katharine KentOn Thursday 4th June, Katharine Kent visited NGS York to talk to members about ‘The Importance of Music in Education’. She was speaking in her capacity as co-founder of the charity Future Talent. The primary aim of the charity is to find, fund and nurture musically gifted individuals aged between 5 and 18 who do not have the means or the opportunity to advance their musicianship. Read the rest of this entry »

NGS York ranked on university power list

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NGS York has been ranked highly in the University of York’s ‘Power List 2009’. The list, compiled by York Vision, includes individuals and organisations which have made a considerable impact on campus life in the past academic year. Read the rest of this entry »

Godfrey Bloom MEP

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On Friday 29th May, Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, came to the University of York to talk to the NGS about ‘Our Future and Europe.’ Read the rest of this entry »

Lord Puttnam Delivers 2009 Kennedy Lecture

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LectureLord Puttnam of Queensgate has delivered the 2009 Kennedy Lecture, at the University of York. The event was hosted at the university by NGS York.

In his introduction, the Society’s National President, James Townsend, described Lord Puttnam as ‘not a politician, but a man in politics.’

Speaking at the climax of the scandal surrounding MPs’ expenses, Lord Puttnam directed his talk at the need for a strong political system. In particular, he highlighted the pressing concern of climate change, but also addressed the wider problems of education and global human sustainability. The full text of Lord Puttnam’s lecture can be found here.

Later, Lord Puttnam took questions on a range of issues.

After the lecture, members and officers of the Society adjournerd to the Deramore Arms for the inaugural Kennedy Barbecue.

Post lecture photograph

The NGS launches new website

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The New Generation Launched this new site on the 4th May 2009

Please bear with us as we fill it up with all our content!

Feel free to comment on posts as you wish.

On the new site you can find out more about the Society, sign up to our mailing list and keep with with all the news. Don’t forget to check out the Journal too!

Nick Clegg visits NGS York

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On Thursday 31st October 2008, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nich Clegg, addressed a meeting of NGS York. Students and members from all sides of the political spectrum came to pose questions. Read the rest of this entry »